Things You Need - to Tour Like A Boss

Next week Saturday I drive 4 hours, play a show, drive 4 hours overnight to the airport, hop on a 10 hour flight from Zürich to Toronto, hang out, then fly over to Vancouver.  I was pondering the weirdo life of traveling always, I wanted to share some of those thoughts. 

1. Little Individual Laundry Soaps
or Godssake, don't let that shit leak all over the place. I just can't say how many times I've bought an entire bottle of laundry soap and have had to leave it somewhere random, just for the sweet sweetness of being a clean human. 

2. a Lock
You will always need a lock. This one I have is a little too big, it does not fit in the lockers at the Downtown Winnipeg YMCA but it works great when I'm locking my bikes up everywhere. 

3. Stealthy Wine Opener
This wine opener is awesome, so small and so useful. Make sure you put it in your big luggage not carry on. 

4. Auxillary Cable
I've bought one million Aux Cables for long drives in rental cars. For the love of God just bring one along. 

5. Nose Cream 
A little random, but nose cream is the best thing ever. Travling by plane has kicked my butt so many times due to shitty air and nose cream wins.

Personal/Fitted Earplugs and sleep aides are also the best.