"Rykka and her band was the best live show I've seen in 25 years."
-Jan Klabunde, Booking - Bornholdt (Meldorf, Germany)

"Having seen Rykka perform 3 times now, I can honestly say that I am excited to see her career grow, and for her to receive the wide recognition she deserves.  Whether solo or with ensemble, her performances are authentic and original, achieving power through confidence and control."
 -Nick Blasko, Creator - Rifflandia Music Festival (Victoria, Canada)

"Everyone was dancing their hearts out and Rykka gave everything she had. I will never forget that night."
-Dennis Claude, Booking - Navarro Festival (Navarro, California)

"Rykka has performed at the Klangraum three times, and we can't wait to sell out the next show. Rykka and her band are so inspiring and uplifting to everyone in the audience. Her story is like no one else's."
-Hanswalter Junker, Booking - Klangraum (Dresden, Germany) 

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