Brand New Single BAD BOY

I'm so proud to shoot BAD BOY out into the world!

I wrote this song at a cabin in a small village in Ticino, Switzerland. It’s inhabitants are barely 200 people and it is baptised with a beautiful waterfall. It was summer and I was (and am) so happily in love. I was appreciating what I found and remembering of all the stupid love mistakes that I had in the past. Dating people that were not right for me at all, including some boys who didn’t have the capacity to give but only receive. This summer is about letting go of everything that you don’t need, to make way for all the good stuff. It’s coming your way <3 

It was co-written and produced by Warne Livesey in Toronto, and Mastered by Andy vanDette in New York. 

Rykka Fitness Guru Video!

Message to the world: I am who you say I am. 

Recently listed as the top exercise guru of THE NATION in a newspaper following my epic moves onstage @ Eurovision. I've decided to come out with this video we made a few years ago for Map Inside and give the world what it really deserves. 

Thank you to the amazzzinngggg John Morrison, Joel McCarthy, Cory Curtis, Ash Ritch, Juhli Conlinn, Willow Jaz, Devon Baker Hair & Makeup Professionaland always a special thanks to Timothy Jaromir <3

German Article in 20 Minuten
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Pre Parties Amsterdam and Tel Aviv!


I arrived in Amsterdam on Friday morning, super early flight. Then I met up with some family who came to meet me there and we went for drinks and dinner at a Thai restaurant. In the morning all of the delegates got on the bus and we drove to a press conference. I had the chance to meet a lot of Delegates that I didn’t before. I think that’s when I met Zoë for the first time…also Joe and Jake, also ManuElla.

The press conference had a great feeling, I had to leave early for soundcheck at Melkweg but I came back for some interviews and a huge piece of apple pie. After that I had nice time to get ready for the show! It’s always so important to me to have a relaxing time to get ready, I HATE being rushed to get ready. I’m not such a diva but come on! Haha. 

The show in Amsterdam had an amazing feeling. Somehow it felt like a cross between a music concert and a sports game. But only from the audience. Backstage we were having a great time talking and having a few drinks. For that show I wore the same combo as the Tel Aviv show. A Lyn Lingerie bodysuit and Studio Winkler trousers. 


Hello Everyone, I’m just flying home from Tel Aviv right now. We flew in on Monday afternoon and it was about 28 degrees, we pulled up to the hotel - right beside the ocean. From there I had a moment to get ready, and we went to an amazing tapas restaurant called Vicky Christina’s in Jaffa. There I got to meet Sandja from Finland and Michal from Poland. Hovi Star was also with us, it was so nice to spend time with him in his home country. We’ve been travelling around to all of these conferences in the past weeks and he’s so sweet and great to hang out with. 

After that I changed for the red carpet. I was wearing Colette Sol gold sparkly shoes with a few vintage pieces I found at second hand stores. We arrived and it was so nice to be on the red carpet in the open air. After the press stuff we went inside the club and danced! 

The second day was totally packed. I woke up at 7:30 to get ready and we went as a big group to plant a tree for each artist. It was raining and I was wearing heels, so it was muddy and ridiculous. BUT it was a very very nice idea. After that we went to the old town of Jaffa then to soundcheck. 

The pre party was really fun, so many great fans. The venue was nice and big and open, with a nice balcony. I was happy with my performance, I had a nice long time to get ready and warm up my voice so I felt great. I feel like everyone sang great. I could really listen to everyone well, because we were up on the balcony and it wasn’t as crazy crowded as it was in Amsterdam. It was really amazing to meet all the fans after the show, it means so much to me to meet and take pictures with everyone. 

For the performance I wore a Lyn Lingerie bra and bodysuit with flowy silk pants from Studio Winkler. Both designers are from Zürich. I wore the same gold shoes from Colette Sol because I’m in love with them.